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Governor of East Azerbaijan: The first phase of Tabriz Innovation Factory will be launched

Content code : 899  |   Release date : Thursday, March 18, 2021

Dr. Mohammad Reza Pourmohammadi in the meeting to review the launch of the Tabriz Innovation Factory, said: The development of technological and innovative measures is one of the most important needs of society in the path of economic development and prosperity.
Emphasizing the serious efforts of the executive bodies in this field, he said: "We expect the private sector to have more relations with the responsible institutions in this field."
Referring to the latest situation of launching Tabriz Innovation Factory, Pourmohammadi said: the construction and equipping of the first phase of this complex will begin in the near future in an area of ​​nearly one thousand square meters with the cooperation of Tabriz Municipality.
The governor of East Azerbaijan stressed: the special zone of science and technology to attract the credit and legal issues in the process of setting up this factory, the necessary follow-up from the Vice President for Science and Technology.

The Deputy Governor for Management and Resources Development and the Governor's Plenipotentiary Representative in the Executive Board of Rabeh Rashidi Science and Technology Special Zone, the Chairman and CEO of the Establishment Organization and the Mayor of Tabriz also expressed their views on the Tabriz Innovation Factory.

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