Major Technology Centers of Rab’e Rashidi Special Science & Technology Region

After holding several managerial meetings with scientific and industrial experts and analyzing potential and actual capabilities of the region, 10 technology development centers with 10 priorities of activity were determined for Rab’e Rashidi Special Science & Technology Region. These centers will be responsible for the management, coordination and development of technology based on the priorities of activity.

Insight into Technology Centers
Each special region has several main centers. The main centers of each region consist of two software and hardware divisions. The software division of a center is a group or team of specialists and experts who have the task of policy-making and planning in a field of technology in which the region has special potentials and capabilities in terms of specialized scientific and industrial human resources.
The hardware division of s center is a specific geographical location which is by special supportive policies allocated for knowledge-based companies in order to set up a mass production unit.

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