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Awarding Ali Polad Award to the winners of the student zone of the 8th Rhinotex Exhibition

Content code : 900  |   Release date : Thursday, March 18, 2021

According to the public relations of the establishment and development organization of Rabeh Rashidi Science and Technology Special Zone, the Professor Ali Poulad Award was given to the 10 selected students of the student zone in the 8th RhinoTex exhibition.

Prof. Ali Polad, one of the best entrepreneurs in the province, creates a double incentive to advance their goals every year by supporting the technologists of this exhibition.

Gharib Khajeh in this meeting, while praising Professor Ali Polad, said: "Renotex exhibition is held every year with the aim of commercializing technology and the effort of this exhibition is to have students in this field to raise the level of knowledge and create competition to present new ideas." .

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