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Investigating the technological needs of the East Azerbaijan Regional Water Company

Content code : 892  |   Release date : Tuesday, March 16, 2021

According to the public relations of the Rashidi Science and Technology Special Zone for Establishment and Development, in a meeting to review the technological needs introduced at the 8th Rhinotex Gharib Khajeh Exhibition, he thanked the provincial regional water company for its strong presence in the exhibition and said: "We are trying According to the capabilities of knowledge-based companies present in the exhibition, the technological needs of the companies should be placed in the direction of production.

The CEO of Bonyan Bonyan Mekatronic Gostar Spota, while introducing the company's field of activity, said: "His team is familiar with the subject of data loggers, which is one of the introduced needs of this company, and they have used them in other applications. We can consider regional water standards." Design the desired data logger of this company.

Also, Mr. Hakimi stated: Due to the widespread use of drones in this company, we can use the drones produced by Mechatronics Company and know the advantages of these drones with existing drones and if approved, we will buy them.

In the continuation of this meeting, with the explanations of Mechatronics Company regarding the products and knowledge of the company, it was based on holding specialized meetings with this company and reviewing all aspects and concluding a cooperation contract after the expert approval.

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